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hello from junekid!

“Why did the chicken cross the road?
It had been crossing so long it could not remember. As it stopped in the middle to look back, a car sped by, spinning it around. Disoriented, the chicken realized it could no longer tell which way it was going. It stands there still.”

- Kafka’s joke book by John McNamee (via kafkaesque-world)

I have one moment in Godfather II. Nobody sees it. Michael and his sad brother Fredo are in Cuba, seeing the Superman show in the nightclub, and Fredo tells Michael, “Johnny always used to take me here.” And you see in that moment that Michael realizes his brother betrayed him. That’s my favorite moment. - Al Pacino

We’re the fricking Guardians of the Galaxy!


The Beatles in Cincinnati 1964

c. Walter Burton

what fun

Judge me on the work, that’s all I can say.
- Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”
- I agree with the second part.

Is that candy?
Yes, it’s a necklace. Made out of candy. You want one?